Cooperation with employers

The EFL CC is friendly to employers that are looking for employees for their companies. The EFL CC strives towards cooperating with the employers and taking into account their requirements and the situation in the labour market. Depending on the needs of employers, the EFL CC shall try to steer students towards the professions in demand, while at the same time promoting successful students and advocating their career orientation.

What does the EFL CC offer to employers?

We offer many opportunities for cooperation to organizations, striving to ensure satisfaction of students as well as employers. Students of the European Faculty of Law in Nova Gorica can cooperate with the employers in various ways or help in resolving certain problem sets. Their knowledge, creativity or performed work will help the employers to recognize new prospective employees.

The EFL CC is offering the following opportunities for cooperation to employers:

  • Announcement of job vacancies, student work and student practices on the Faculty website

We offer free announcement of job vacancies, student work and student practices on the Faculty website to potential employers.

  • Publication of topics for final papers or other research tasks that organizations are currently interested in and for which they want to find solutions for small or large problem sets in the organization

Potential employers may publish various topics for final papers, with which the organization finds a solution for a concrete problem or forms a comprehensive approach to its solution. Consideration of small or specific problem sets and research of a narrower field may be performed within the framework of seminar papers.

  • Presentation of the organization at the Faculty

Within the framework of the EFL CC, you can arrange for a visit at the Faculty and a presentation of your company to students and graduates. The European Faculty of Law strives towards linking theory with practice and aims to provide high-quality expert knowledge and a wide range of practical skills to the students.

  • Presentation of the best students and graduates to potential employers

The EFL CC represents the connecting point between students, graduates, the Faculty and potential employers. For this purpose, the EFL CC is maintaining ties to the talented students who represent high-quality and expert employees and enables the employers to connect with them.

Join us and become our partner! Ensure access to ambitious young students and graduates who will be ready to creatively and enthusiastically carry out even the most demanding tasks. 

For all additional questions related to options and methods of cooperation, contact us at karierni.center@evro-pf.si.


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