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The European Faculty of Law, member of the New University, is an internationally recognised higher education institution whose mission is to create and disseminate knowledge in the field of law, the interdisciplinary field of law and management of infrastructure and real estate and alternative dispute resolution.

Studying at the European Faculty of Law facilitates students’ care for legal security and justice, and the study is practice-oriented. The lectures and seminars that are held in small groups represent the school’s advantage, as students receive more direct guidance from the teaching staff. There is ample opportunity for discussion, exchange of opinions and critical deliberation.

In addition to top teaching staff, who ensure that lectures, practical classes and seminars are held at the highest level, the Faculty also offers its students the opportunity to gain international experience, both through exchange programmes and with visiting lectures held by professors and experts from abroad.

The school’s added value is its Career Centre, which offers career counselling to students and represents the connecting point between the Faculty, students and employers. The Career Centre enables the Faculty to stay connected with its graduates even after they complete their studies.

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Dear students, professors, researchers,

Marko Novak

Marko Novak

When considering various possibilities on the European academic market for international study exchange, the right choice has to be made. There won’t be many opportunities during your studies for that, perhaps only one or two. Why select Slovenia and our institution particularly for your exchange destination?     

Slovenia as a Central European country is known for having a position in the very heart of Europe right between its Western and Eastern parts. It’s a Slavic country which historically had for centuries been part of the Western Roman Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, and the Habsburg Monarchy but also influenced, to some extent, by Balkan cultures mainly within the framework of both Yugoslavias.

The European Faculty of Law, as a member of the NOVA University,  is one of three law schools in Slovenia. Being a private school it’s particularly dedicated to excellence and constant progress. In the 2015/16 academic year it celebrated its tenth anniversary of existence, however, in such a short period it managed to create a vibrant academic environment with its special orientation to European and international legal studies on one hand as well as to practical legal skills on the other hand.

The Faculty embraces an excellent teaching staff with experience and diplomas from best European and US law schools, as well as people who hold or have held distinguished positions in legal practice, such as Constitutional Court justices, even presidents of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia, former Advocate General of the ECJ, former justice of the ECtHR, president of the Judicial Council of the Republic of Slovenia, judges of other higher courts in Slovenia, former Ambassadors, Ministers, etc.

The Faculty has succeeded in setting high standards for its teaching staff’s work with small groups in class, and for extremely student friendly attitude of its administrative services.
So why not pick us, to the benefit of both sides, and for your time to remember amid the magnificent peaks of the Alps and the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea?
We very much look forward to having a chance welcoming you here,

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marko Novak






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