Doctoral Programme:

About the Study Programme


The doctoral programme in Law and Management of Real Estate is based on the principles of the Bologna Declaration. It relates to the undergraduate study programme in Law and Management of Infrastructure and Real Estate and the postgraduate study programme in Law and Management of Real Estate and partially also to both study programmes in Law. Together, they form a complete study cycle.

The doctoral programme focuses on theoretical research of law or real estate by analysing national and international comparable industry standards, the legislation and judicial case law, taking into account globally recognised teaching practices that are based on understanding of legal and real estate phenomena in relation to the findings of comparative legal and theoretical studies. The objective of the doctoral programme is an in-depth focus on a specific issue or institute, with the possibility of further interdisciplinary discussion of the researched field using various scientific research methods.

Graduates of the doctoral programme in Law and Management of Real Estate can continue their academic education by enrolling in various postdoctoral programmes in Slovenia or abroad that are based on theoretical and practical knowledge of laws.

The doctoral programme lasts three years or six semesters and is equivalent to 180 credits. Three semesters are intended for attending lectures, seminars and study workshops, while three semesters are allocated for the preparation of the research proposal and the doctoral dissertation thesis, which is worth 48 credits.

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Professional Title

After fulfilling the requirements for the completion of the doctoral programme Law and Management of Real Estate III the graduate student acquires the title of Doctor of Science in Law and Management of Real Estate.

Abbreviated Title: Ph.D.         

Study Mode

The doctoral study programme in Law is implemented part-time (without concession) study. Lectures are organised in the afternoon in Ljubljana. Studies at the European Faculty of Law are primarily focused on ensuring high-quality expertise and applicable knowledge and skills that serve graduates and employers alike as added value in the labour market and in employment.

Following the model of renowned international universities, the Faculty introduced e-learning, where the student does not come to the teacher but instead the teacher comes to the student. This study mode represents an exceptional opportunity for people who do not feel comfortable with the conventional study mode. The main advantages of e-learning are the flexibility of the study process and the possibility to adapt it to the individual’s needs. It is suitable for students who find it difficult to attend lectures due to distance to  the place of study and for employed students and students with special needs.



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Enrolment criteria and continuation of studies in accordance with transfer criteria

Enrolment in the first year of the doctoral programme in Law and Management of Real Estate is available to candidates who have completed:

a. a second cycle study programme;

b. a study programme under the fourth paragraph of Article 36 of the Higher Education Act, if it is worth 300 credits;

c. a four-year university undergraduate study programme adopted prior to 11 June 2004;

d. a study programme leading to specialisation under professional higher education adopted prior to 11 June 2004, if the student completes additional study obligations worth from 30 to 60 credits.

Enrolment requirements are also met by candidates who have completed an equivalent study abroad.

If a decision on limited enrolment is adopted, candidates will be chosen with regard to:

• the average grade of postgraduate studies 60% of points;
• the grade of the master’s thesis 40% of points. This is subject to the decision of the Study Affairs Committee.

The Faculty also enables the continuation of studies and enrolment in chosen study programmes in accordance with transfer criteria. Information on the continuation of studies in accordance with transfer criteria is available to candidates at the Faculty


Curriculum 1st Year

Subject ECTS
Property Law 9
Spatial planning 9
Seminar (from a compulsory or elective course) 6
Elective overview course 6
Real Estate Registration and Management with the Basics of Land Register Law 9
Real Estate Culture and ethics 9
Seminar (from a compulsory or elective course) 6
Individual Research Work 6
Total 60

Curriculum 2nd Year

Subject ECTS
Seminar (from a compulsory or elective course) 6
Individual Research Work 24
Seminar (from a compulsory or elective course) 24
Individual Research Work 24
Total 60

Curriculum 3rd Year

Subject ECTS
Seminar (from the compulsory or elective course) 6
Seminar (from the compulsory or elective course) 6
Doctoral Thesis 18
Preparation and Defence of the Doctoral Thesis 30
Total 60

Elective Courses

Subject ECTS
Academic forum (PMN3, elective) 6
Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure 6
Real Estate Valuation 6
Contemporary architecture
Law of Obligations
Construction Planning 6
Assessment of Real Estate Investments 6
Real Estate Marketing 6
Commercial Law 6
Methods and Examples of Research Work 6
Alternative Forms of Housing for the Elderly 6

The abbreviations in the curriculum:

ECTS - credit points accorgind to European credit points system (1 point equals 25 student's hours)