Faculty’s Premises

The Faculty operates at the headquarters in Nova Gorica and the branch unit in Ljubljana. 

Nova Gorica

Faculty headquarters are in the very center of Nova Gorica, specifically in the new business and residential building EDA Center around which all civil, administrative and financial services and shops are located. After all it is an extremely important strategic position on the axis connecting the two Gorica (only 1 km distance). Faculty has five lecture halls with a total of 270 seats. All classrooms are on the same floor. Rooms are connected by hall where a bulletin board is installed but it also serves as an opportunity for socializing of the students. On the same floor one can find student office, the secretariat, dean’s office, library, and two meeting rooms.

Faculty`s premises in Nova Gorica. Address: Delpinova ulica 18/b, 5000 Nova Gorica








Faculty premises in Ljubljana are located on address Cankarjevo nabrežje 11. Faculty has four  lecture halls, student office and two meeting rooms.

Faculty`s premises in Ljubljana. Address: Cankarjevo nabrežje 11, 1000 Ljubljana