The library of the European Faculty of Law is part of University library of Nova univerza. Its aim is to collect, document and grant access to scientific literature for educational and research purposes. With its services, library supports scholarly and scientific work of the Nova univerza.

Catalogue is available at COBISS+ . The library also participates in national network for interlibrary loan to enable its members access to materials kept in other Slovenian library collections. The library offers free internet access. Students are always welcome to the library where librarians will help them find the right and reliable information as soon as possible.

The Faculty publishes scientific monographs, study and other materials in printed and electronic form. There is also a small bookshop within the library where students can buy faculty publications.

Faculty’s library in an academic library, primarily intended to support students in their education and create the conditions for the most possible quality research. The library allows students to rent bachelor, master and doctoral theses. Its materials and services are provided to professors as well as external users, especially students and professionals in the field of law and related disciplines. Material and knowledge are accessible to everyone, in accordance with the concession orientation of the private institution and with the rules of interlibrary loan and the protection of copyright. 

University Library of Nova univerza offers access to: 

Opening time:

Monday – Friday: from 10.00 to 18.00


Cankarjevo nabrežje 11, 1000 Ljubljana
Telephone: +386 1 251 44 85


doc. dr. Ines Vodopivec, head of the library and publishing

Ana Češarek, librarian

Enrolment in the library

Foreign students and researchers may enroll in the Faculty` s libraly by completing the Library enrollment application form and cover the tuition fee. 

For all information, please contact:
doc. dr. Ines Vodopivec, head of the library and publishing
Telephone: 01 251 44 85

History of the library

In 2010 the European Faculty of Law began developing its own library, which was temporarily operating within France Bevk library in Nova Gorica. In accordance with the Treaty on Mutual Assistance in establishing the Faculty and the study programme of law in Nova Gorica the Faculty each year from local funds for the purchase of literature obtained materials for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. In accordance with relevant lists of recommended literature of individual professors the Faculty orderer literature through the Nova Gorica library. Since 2010 we are a full member of Cobiss system. In 2012 the Faculty moved to the new building EDA center in the center of Gorica. On January 2015 the library was moved to Ljubljana where it covered an area of approx. 60 m2, had two reading places and a computer with Internet access. To meet the needs of university students, academics and broader research community in the field of law and related disciplines the library provided access to more than 4000 printed items, online international databases and resources. Since 2017 the library is part of the library information system of Nova univerza.