International cooperation and Erasmus+



Linking theory with practice, practical applicability of knowledge, innovation, professionalism and friendly academic environment are undoubtedly those elements that put European Faculty of Law among top education institutions in Slovenia. Its success is hidden in a student-friendly and innovative learning process that emphasizes combining theory with practice.

Since 2016 the European Law Faculty is a full member of the European Law Faculty Association (ELFA), which has today more than 200 members from countries in the EU and beyond and acts as an international forum to discuss a number of legal issues related to legal education.

The European Law Faculty is the holder of the Erasmus + University Charter and is a signatory to many bilateral agreements with internationally recognized institutions abroad through which students, academic and administrative staff regularly participate in international activities and mobilities. The European Faculty of Law warmly welcomes new partners and opportunities for joint research, academic exchange and Erasmus+ cooperation.

The Faculty offers the best students the opportunity to study at the Mississippi College School of Law School in Jackson, USA. This is the first such program in Slovenia, which enables students to attend exchanges in the US and, after successful completion of the exchange, enroll in the master’s study program of this faculty.

Vice dean for international cooperation
Prof. dr. Arne Marjan Mavčič

Erasmus coordinator
Ms. Nataša Kolavčič
Europena Faculty of Law,
Delpinova ulica 18/b, 5000 Nova Gorica, Slovenia
T: +386 (0) 5 338 44 06